Book: Jo Nesbo “The Bat”

July 11, 2016

Again, I’m trying to move on from reading nothing but Michael Connelly books – another recomendation has been the Harry Hole character by Jo Nesbo.

bookIn this first book The Bat, Harry is a visiting detective sent to Australia to assist Sydney police investigating the murder of a Norwegian girl. It starts well with HH being teamed with an Aboriginal detective. However, the story quickly looses all sense of direction.  There is a series of one-off stories of meetings with strangers, casual conversations, aboriginal folk tales…  nothing very much about the actual case which moves along in the background without much mention in the plot.

Perhaps this character gets better in future books – but I’m not sure I can be bothered finding out.  Certainly not at the moment – I really need a  good book to get into.

Book: John Sandford “Shadow Prey”

July 11, 2016

As it has turned out this is the last John Sandford book I will try.  Having read all of Michael Connelly’s work over the past year or so I tried various web sites that help you to choose what to read next based on what you like.  John Sandford was one of those that popped up but really I don’t see why.

book“Shadow Prey” is ok, the plot is reasonably interesting but then doesn’t really go anywhere.  Stuff just happens and people stumble on the answers here and there by chance.  There are no clever twists or detective procedure.  Waste of time.

Book: John Sandford “The Fool’s Run”

July 11, 2016

The second book by John Sandford sees a different character/group of characters which is the start of another series of books – at least looking back at his early books knowing now that many more were written.  I’m hunting for a new author after binging on the same book series for over a year.  I’m not yet sure this is the right one.

bookThis book has a group of dispirit characters – Kidd , Lu Ellen, Dace , Maggie and a mysterious remote hacker Bobby (who is so lightly drawn that he is really an obvious tool for the writer to drop in plot changes with little effort.  Everythings going bad – Bobby instant message saying he has fixed it – job done.

The hacking stuff is rubbish, the characters are boring, plot slow and disconnected.  Stuff just happens with little reason.  Not great.