Book: Michael Connelly “The Crossing”

The latest Michael Connelly novel- which means that last in my unbroken run of reading the entire output of Muchael Connelly over the past year or so!

bookHarry Bosch has finally bean retired – or forced out – and is rebuilding a motorbike while trying to ignore the loss of the chase.  Mickey Haller (his 1/2 brother) approaches Harry to help investigate a homicide.  While Harry agrees to read the murder book he is reluctant to move to ‘the darkside’ by working for the defense.  As Harry spots problems with the original investigation he is gradually drawn past the point of no return.

It is good to see these two characters in one story, although I think in balance this is a Bosch novel.  What makes this most interesting is the tension between Harry’s approach of wanting to solve the murder against Haller’s requirements to win in court to get his client off.  This tension stops Harry moving ahead once he starts to close in on the true suspects – but not for long.

Lots of stuff in this book for Michael Connelly fans seeing how Harry Bosch survives outside the institutions which have always been part of his life.  How will he work without a badge, what’s happening with his relationship with his daughter, and much more.  The book is fast paced and doesn’t disappoint.


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