Book: Michael Connelly “The Burning Room”

My continuing march through the novels of Michael Connelly now has very few books left.  In The Burning Room we see Harry Bosch in the LAPD’s Open-Unsolved Unit, but unusually they catch a ‘fresh body’ when a man who was shot by a stray bullet 10 years ago which left the bullet lodged in his spine finally succumbs to complications.  The cause of death is given as the bullet, which makes it a homicide despite the time gap between the shot being fired and the victim dying.

bookAs Harry and his new partner Lucia (Lucy) Soto start to look into this apparently hopeless case they start to uncover political links, and the possibility that the victim wasn’t the original target.  Meanwhile Harry discovers that his new partner is carrying out her own investigation off the books into an apartment fire that killed several children 20 years ago – Lucy was one of the survivors so Harry helps her find those behind it.

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