Book: Michael Connelly “The Black Box”

A ‘flashback’ opening to this novel with Bosch and his partner working homicide during the LA Riots of 1992.  The circumstances dictate that homicide detectives only have time to do very little with each case – which isn’t Harry Bosch’s style.  He is called to the body of a Danish photo journalist found by national guardsmen who are trying to secure areas of the city.  There are no witnesses  and apart from a bullet, nothing else is found at the scene.

black-box20 years on Bosch is working in the Open Unsolved Unit trying to close old cases – but would it be politically embarrassing if the only case solved from those riots was that of a white journalist?  This is of no consequence for Bosch as he gradually runs down every clue, in this case following the gun.  Simply another page turner and I can’t fault this good read.

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