Book: Michael Connelly “The Reversal”

Continuing my addition with Michael Connelly novels, The Reversal brings together Detective Harry Bosch and his half-brother, defense lawyer Mickey Haller.  However, this time, Haller has taken on the role of special prosecutor for a high profile case and teams up with Bosch as his investigator.  So, part court room drama and part police procedural this book also mixes writing styles to tell the story from the two points of view of our two main characters… a technique which isn’t as confusing as it seems initially but also seems a bit of a gimmick at times.

bookAnyway, as far as the actual plot of this novel goes – a child murderer is released due to the discovery of DNA evidence that throws his conviction in doubt, but the state decides to re-try the case.  As far as that goes it is fairly interesting, however during the trial Bosch starts to discover that there may have been other murders – and the most frustrating thing about this story is that once this plot point is brought up it is never fully resolved.  If feels like Connelly had the opening to bring this avenue up then couldn’t be bothered exploring it.

So, while this was another enjoyable outing for Bosch and Haller characters I do think this book left me looking for a little bit more.

(read in 8 days)

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