Book: Michael Connelly “9 Dragons”

The best Harry Bosh book so far for character development and action.  This time Harry is taken out of his usual environment when an investigation stumbles into triad territory and his daughter, living in Hong Kong is kidnapped.  Bosh, a man of action, drops everything, travels to Hong Kong, traces the movements of her abductors leaving a trail of bodies behind him. Many of Bosh’s decisions and actions are questionable in the real world and the ability for him to get out of close scrapes are Bond-esk – but as a piece of suspend your belief – action writing this was a great book.

bokThis is Michael Connelly’s best action book – a bit lighter than usual on the police procedural element, but nice for a change.  I also liked the signature detail description of location and travel around locations that comes with Connelly’s writing mainly because having visited Hong Kong I had a better idea of the geography being described.  Very enjoyable!

5 day read.


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