Book: Michael Connelly “The Scarecrow”

I need to start taking a note of how long these books are taking me.  It feels like I’m flying through them.  I also have a nagging doubt that since I am reading these on the kindle app on my phone these might be really skinny books.  Anyway..

bookThis is another appearance of the character Jack McEvoy, L.A. Times reporter we first met in `The Poet‘.  He now finds himself the victim of downsizing.  In his final two weeks he is to train up his replacement and come to terms with being layed off.  He picks up on a throw away story that he might be able to spin for his own purposes when it unravels into an unknown serial killers trail of bodies.

Jack reunites with FBI Agent Rachel Walling to track down The Scarecrow. Once again Connelly shows us the plot from two angles, Jack McEvoy following the investigation as it unfolds and occasional shorter chapters from the killers point of view.

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