Book: Michael Connelly “The Brass Verdict”

The Brass Verdict is a sequel to “The Lincoln Lawyer” featuring the Mickey Haller character as a defense lawyer.  However, Michael Connelly’s other main character Harry Bosch plays more than a cameo part in this story and it is nice to see the cross over – especially the twist which I will not go into.

bookMicky Haller is about to try to start working as a lawyer again, one year on from the closing of “The Lincoln Lawyer” having recovered from being shot and a resulting addiction to pain killers.  However, before really knowing if he is ready a colleague’s murder means that Micky suddenly inherits a lot of cases including one that will be a career maker with a big pay day.  Nothing is ever simple and could this case put Haller in danger of the same fate as his murdered predecessor (this murder is being investigated by Detective Harry Bosch by the way  – that’s the link).

This story has a number of red-herrings, twist and betrayals that keep you guessing till the very last chapter.  Michael Connelly at his best.

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