Book: Michael Connelly “The Lincoln Lawyer”

My continuing journey through the works of Michael Connelly leads to the first appearance of defense lawyer Mickey Haller.  I was concerned about reading this as I know I have seen the film based on this book some time ago but couldn’t remember anything about it.  I expected it to come back to me as I read, but it was all new to me – and very, very good!  (does that mean the movie is bad as it is so unmemorable?).

book-lincoln-lawyerConnelly’s protagonists are mainly from law enforcement (LAPD or FBI mainly) although he also writes very well the view of the killers they are pursuing.    Here, not only is the main character a lawyer but a defense lawyer skilled at getting guilty people off or on reduced sentences.  But nothing is as it seems in this book.  The core plot is as fast as you expect from this writer, but there are lots of quick encounters with clients, flashbacks, stories-within-stories which make it even more fascinating and adds a depth and insight to the character.

A sign of a good story is when the protagonist gets into a situation that is impossible to get out of – and then does.  Which is exactly what happens here and with no spoilers that’s all I can say.  I will go back to watch the movie and I hope this character comes back in other stories.

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