Book: Michael Connelly “Echo Park”

Another Harry Bosch novel by Michael Connelly.  Leading on from The Closer, Harry is now in the Open-Unsolved Unit when a killer agrees to trade the death penalty for telling about all his previous crimes.  One is a 13 year old case that Harry has never been able to put behind him. Harry has always had a suspect in mind, but couldn’t close the case, meaning that he finds it hard to believe that this killer is responsible.

book-echoparkAs ever, you just can’t see where this is going.  The killer confesses, takes them to the body, knows details of the murder … but none of this is enough for Bosch who turns to Rachel Waller (FBI agent from previous novels THE POET and its sequel THE NARROWS) for help that ends up in an off the books investigation.

The other thing I found interesting in this novel was that parts of this story and at least one other novel was used in the TV series that first switched me on to this character and writer.

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