Book: Michael Connelly “The Closers”

The next Michael Conelly novel in publication order is “The Closers” another Harry Bosch book.  Here he is returning to LAPD out of retirement, which is apparently a thing that is possible.  There have been changes, Irving is out and a new Chief of Police welcomes Bosch back and into the department looking at open unsolved cases – cold cases.

bookHarry’s first day and first case opens up a can-of-worms (of course). The case is a 17 year old case of a teenager taken from her bedroom and shot in the woods behind her house.  Blood and skin found on the gun have now been DNA matched but that person doesn’t appear to have any link to the case.

As the investigation takes shape they have to trace the victim’s family, friends, and stir up old wounds, which quickly takes them into conflict with Irving.  As ever, a page turner and easy, entertaining read.

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