Book: Michael Connelly “Chasing the Dime”

Yes, another one – I’ve read little but Michael Connelly since May.  This was a nice change where again Connelly takes a break from his usual protagonist Harry Bosch.  This is about a Scientist, Henry Pierce, who is on the verge of developing a breakthrough in nanotechnological microprocessing. Unfortunately his personal life is falling apart and he finds out about a prostitute who may be missing or in trouble… for a long time we don’t know why this bother’s him at all and why he goes off trying to find her only to become a suspect in her murder.

Ibook2t is refreshing to have a protagonist who is a naive civilian, rather than a cynical cop like Harry Bosch or a manipulative FBI agent.  The book also weaves together the two sides of Henry Pierce’s life very well, giving us the details of his work and potential scientific breakthrough while also following his unofficial investigation into the missing prostitute.

I know I keep saying the same thing about these books but they are fascinating, very well paced, page turners.

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