Book: Michael Connelly “Void Moon”

This Michael Connelly novel is a stand alone story, rather than part of any series, and features a female protagonist, Cassie Black, who is a thief rather than on the side of law enforcement more common to Connelly.

Cassie is trying to go straight after release from prison but needs one last job.  The job that comes up just happens to be in the Las Vegas Casino where she lost her partner and went to jail for trying to rob six years earlier.

The first major twist is when [spoiler alert] after getting to know this character a little it appears that she isn’t averse to killing in cold blood.  As soon as that happens her story is dropped and we pick up with a private detective called in to solve the robbery/murder committed by Cassie.  Then as we are getting to know him – he kills someone in cold blood and turns out to be a very-bad-man.  So who in this story is the hero/heroine?

Well, gradually there is a cat and mouse chase with lots of secrets being revealed along the way.  The climax to this novel is breathtaking with you never really knowing who will end up on top or how they will manage it.  A great story.

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