Book: Michael Connelly “Blood Work”

Continuing my journey through the Michael Connelly back catalog. This is another book that doesn’t feature his ‘star’ Harry Bosch character, but unfortunately I had already read the sequel to this story so I had met the main protagonist and had references to what happens here.  That said it was a very good read and again an easy page turner.

bookBlood Work features retired FBI agent Terry McCaleb who, for complicated reasons ends up investigating the murder of a woman who became organ donor responsible for McCaleb’s recent heart transplant.  Very much against his cardiologist’s wishes, against the LAPD officers and everyone surrounding the case McCaleb gradually gets drawn in.  There are so many twists and turns in this book it is difficult to remember which directions it takes – suffice to say it is a great read with the only downside being the amount of driving around LA that goes on – these details must be fascinating to those who know the place but it gets a little tedious at times.

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