Book: Michael Connelly “The Poet”

September 27, 2015

I have become somewhat obsessed with Michael Connelly this year, marching may way through the Harry Bosch series.  However I’ve now decided to read his books in published order after discovering in “A Darkness More Than Night” that other characters have guest experiences.  So I’ve gone back to read “The Poet” where we first meet crime reporter Jack McEvoy.

bookMcEvoy’s twin brother, a homicide detective, has apparently committed suicide. In a complex plot McEvoy works out it was homicide, there are links to other apparent cop-suicides and eventually a serial killer is discovered.  McEvoy (a reporter remember) manages to get inside the FBI investigation of this killer, mainly because he discovered what was going on.  He falls for an FBI agent he is assigned to.  They get close to the killer – but then in the closing chapters of the book there are more twists than a twisty thing has on a twisty day!!

OK, so there are too many perfect murders in this story and falling for the only non-incidental female character was predictable but little else was.  The story is also written from two points of view, Jack McEvoy and ‘the killer’ which adds a nice pace and insight to what is going on.