Book: Michael Connelly “A Darkness More Than Night”

Things just got confusing in the world of Harry Bosch.  Earlier this year I stumbled across the Harry Bosch TV series, enjoyed it so downloaded the Kindle version of the first Harry Bosch book, and debut novel from Michael Connelly “The Black Echo“.  Since then I’ve worked my way through “The Black Ice“, “The Concrete Blond“, “The Last Coyote“, “Trunk Music” & “Angels Flight”  Which brings me to this book, “A Darkness More Thank Night”, only to discover that Michael Connelly has written books about other characters in the Harry Bosch version of LA and this book seems to involve at least two of them (as well as Harry).

book2The plot opens with retired FBI profiler Terry McCaleb (from a previous Connelly book “Blood Work” that I’ve not read) is pulled back from retirement by an unusual case.  Terry knows Harry and goes to talk to him about this case, even though Harry is at the start of a very high profile trial.  So in this book we have the ‘who done it’ of the original case and an insight into the case that is on trial each written from a slightly different point of view.  This starts to get even more interesting when it turns out (spoiler alert) that Harry is the perfect and therefore prime suspect in the original murder Terry is looking into!

Has Harry lost it enough to start killing bad guys rather than putting them away?  Once Terry has convinced everyone that the only possible person to carry out this killing is Harry Bosch, he is then approached by Bosch to prove someone else did it.  Harder to explain than read, this is a fantastic story where two well rounded and well written.  Made me immediately go back and fill in the gaps I had in Michael Connelly’s work by only reading the Bosch series.

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