Book: Michael Connelly “Angels Flight”

Another Harry Bosch book, I’m flying through these!  I really enjoyed the ongoing politics in this one.  A high profile lawyer is found murdered on the Angels Flight funicular railway.  Since he specializes in lawsuits against the police every LAPD cop as potential suspects and if it looks like the police are dragging their heals the city will light up with riots (again).  The case is passed to Harry Bosch and his team, and has to work with his adversary John ‘Sustain’ Chastain from Internal Affairs. It soon becomes apparent that getting this cleared up quickly, to avoid unrest, is more important than really solving the case.

Angels Flight coverAgain this is incredibly fast paced, with all the action taking place in a three day period, and very little sleep taken by the main players.  There are the twists and turns expected from a good crime thriller and well executed by Connelly.  A great read and possibly best in this series so far.

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