Book: Michael Connelly “Trunk Music”

August 1, 2015

The fifth Harry Bosch book sees him back in Homicide after disciplinary leave picking up his first case.  A corpse in the trunk of a white Rolls Royce, it looks like a mob hit.  The investigation takes Bosch to Las Vagas, again a mob connection, and here he stumbles on Eleanor Wish.

Trunk_musicWish appeared in Connelly’s debut novel THE BLACK ECHO as an FBI agent who Bosch was involved with but who…  well I can’t tell you about that bit.  Anyway her circumstances are very different five years on. The relationship now between Wish and Bosch is a little unconvincing, but looks like she will be a long term character.  The investigation is good – I didn’t see where it was going and again this is well put together page turner.

Book: Michael Connelly “The Last Coyote”

August 1, 2015

The forth Harry Bosch book from Michael Connelly. I’m going through these fairly quickly using kindle app on my phone.  They are really easy to pick up at any point in the plot without needing to keep track of everything.

The_Last_CoyoteThis story opens with Harry on involuntary stress leave and having to attend regular sessions with a police psychologist. He is also rebuilding his house which has been officially condemned following an earthquake.

During this suspension Harry starts looking back at the murder of his own mother many years earlier.  Was this case poorly investigated covered up?  Well his one man investigation opens up long term political corruption and many secrets.