The Garden

Since moving in Dec 2011 we hadn’t done much with our garden other than putting up a new fence when the existing one fell down, cutting the grass, etc. The main problems the garden had was poor drainage close to the house where the ‘grass’ is often waterlogged, steps and slabs that became an issue with a toddler around

Our priorities for a garden space is

  • Child safe & fun, so robust planting that will survive a child and educational
  • Functional (clothes lines, seating, bbq, play, storage)
  • Food! veg & herbs
  • Compost area
  • hardy and seasonal plants, scented planting, nothing with thorns and if possible insect friendly

March 2015 The Design I came up with…garden-the-planLevel step out from house onto decking area – pots and containers on deck for herbs – an ‘open pergola’ structure to give height and something to hang a swing, lights, planting, etc. – storage benches made from decking material to tie in – storage shed – raised beds for veg -two flower beds, one in sun an one shaded – keep the existing paved area retained for BBQ or play area.




It took several quotes and chasing builders to find someone who could do it then in two weeks this happened…

Before & After Photos..




2015-04-26 17.37.32

2015-05-04 18.23.21

2015-05-09 15.10.25


Now I just need to grow stuff :-)


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