Books: Richard Grady “One Day Ahead: A Tour de France Misadventure”

This is a story (almost) about the 2012 Tour de France and (almost) about a pleasant trip around France.  But it is more about a slightly grumpy man having a terrible time in a motorhome.

bookRichard is asked to drive support for his friend taking on the route of one of the toughest cycle races in the world.  The plan is to ride each stage of the tour one day ahead of the race coming.  The roads are still open but the route markings are in place and each town is getting ready for the circus.

This plan soon grows to four cyclists with two motorhomes in support driving them to the start of each days ride, meeting the riders for food stops and getting camp ready for them at night.  A full time job – which the girlfriends in motorhome 2 aren’t  fully aware of.  The tension between the motorhomes, keeping everything on schedule and completing the daily millage keeps the book moving and entertaining.

There are enough background and history of the Tour to add interest without becoming a text book.  Each day also has a recap of what is happening in the real race just one day behind our group.  A nice little book, very easy to dip into and with lots of humour.

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