Books: Peter May “The Blackhouse”

Still trying to catch up on stuff I should have posted last year, I read this around August / September time.  My reading habits have changed a lot with the birth of Lewis.  The times when I used to read have been taken over by other more important things meaning for now I just wont be getting through as many as I used to.

bookThat said I picked up this murder mystery for the obvious reason that it was set on the Island of Lewis a place I have a lot of connection with and have some knowledge of.  The story opens with a murder in a small village on the island, and the Police computers assign the case to DS Fin MacLeod currently in Edinburgh but originally from this village (coincidence?) because the murder resembles a case in Edinburgh he is already working on.

So Fin finds himself back on the island he left 20 years before and had never intended to return to.  The book then starts to switch between the present day investigation and Fin’s past growing up on Lewis with the two stories gradually coming together with many twists and surprises along the way.

I really enjoyed this story and the characters involved.  Peter May’s description of the scenery and the ways of life on the island ring true with me and brought the place itself to life as an integral part of the plot.  This is the first book in a trilogy of this character and I look forward to reading the others.

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