Catch up (part 1)

No excuses, I’ve simply not got around to blogging much but there might just be time to catchup before the end of the year….

In July  (9th – 16th)  we took young Lewis to the Isle of Lewis

lewis-plane Lewis’s first filght
lewis-dog Lewis Meets a Dog – Ben
lewis-beach Lewis visits one of the many beaches on Lewis.

Also, in July – partly due to the great weather and partly because my Aunt started nagging me about cholesterol and heart disease – I started Cycling to work.  At first only  three days a week but it didn’t take long to get up to 5 days. It did get hard when the clocks change and it got colder but still going and really enjoying it.

September (8th) we Dedicated Lewis to God during a service at St Silas, asking Ali and Alison (we didn’t deliberately choose them because they had similar names)…

lewis-dedication1 Lewis’s dedication
lewis-dedication2 family
lewis-dedication3 cake.

November 3rd  Lewis’s first fancy dress (Halloween) party..


Also in November Danar and I celebrated a significant decimal anniversary – 1000 days married!  We went to one of our favourite restaurants, the wonderful Bibi’s Cantina.


more to come…

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