Books: Stuart Woods “DC Dead”

June 9, 2013

Yup, I’ve not had much time for reading lately and have gone for nice easy fodder that I know I can easily pick up the story from any point.  So, yet another Stuart Woods book.

cover imageI have struggled to find a good review of this book and I sort of understand why.  It is a fairly easy flowing story of well established characters but there is no doubt that it is just going through the motions.

Here Stone and Dino are called to DC by Holly Barker (another Stuart Woods character) to do a small job for the President and his wife (who happens to be the director of the CIA in this world).

Stone and Dino are to investigate a murder-suicide that happened in the white house but which the President doesn’t believe the outcome.  They ‘investigate’ by doing very little and somehow stuff around them solves the mystery.

It was an ideal no-brain novel that I needed, but not the best Stuart Woods book I’ve ever read!