Books: Stuart Woods “Bel-Air Dead”

April 2, 2013

Stuart Woods writes in a style that makes it difficult to put down the book, but when you do have to give in the next time you pick it up there is no effort in knowing exactly where you left the plot.  Each chapter flows so quickly from one another that he manages to keep the plot moving in chapters that are only five or six pages long.

bookThis time the plot sees Stone Barrington helping out old flame Arrington with a stock problem as someone tries to take over Centurion Studios.  Thus the story is set in Bel-Air rather than New York.  All of the usual trappings of a Stone Barrington novel are there with women, money, parties, the odd bit of law practiced, killings and explosions.  Also, some old story lines are revisited such as the relationship between Arrington and Stone, their son, her late-husband’s film career, etc.

Again, a very enjoyable if not particularly memorable, page turner from Stuart Woods.