Books: Stuart Woods “Son of Stone”

April 17, 2013

I read so many Stuart Woods books in the same series (the Stone Barrington character) that it is always difficult to write a review that isn’t just more of the same.  There really is a lot to not like about these books and this author but they are very readable, keep you interested and above all have really very good pace – making them good page turners.  Whenever I pick up one of these I know where I am – there is no turning back a few pages to remember what is going on, and the characters are easy to like.

bookOn the down side the dialogue is forced and unnatural (especially between the teenage characters in this book), the side characters are one dimensional  and don’t seem to do much and if one of the main characters can do ‘X’ they are the best in the world at ‘X’…  but I still read these novels and enjoy them.

[spoilers below – and reminders for me]

This book takes over about a year on from the previous book Bel-Air Dead, which reintroduced Stone’s old lover Arrington.  Arrington is an old lover of Stone (then again who isn’t) by whom he has a son, Peter – who for complex reasons doesn’t know that Stone is his father.  In this book he is 16 (although acting 18) and moves in with Stone as Arrington and Stone get married.  Obviously, Peter is a genius, handsome, gets along with everyone, gets into the best schools, meets one girl who happens to be the ideal match for him and they get together…etc.  it’s all too perfect and too easy – and yet I still read these novels and will read the next one in the series as soon as I get hold of it.

Jake suggests Lewis should be a Christian

April 10, 2013

On 5th April (when Lewis was less than 48 hours old) Cousin Jake and his family came to visit.  Jake was particularly fascinated with the new baby holding him, checking out his feet and how soft his arms were.

Lewis-Jake01 Lewis-Jake02 Lewis-Jake03

As it got busier and all the adults were chatting, Jake spotted a blue index card the hospital put in Lewis cot.  He pulled it out to have  a look and pointed out that nothing had been written against “Religion”…


He looked at it for a moment then turned to me and said “Christianity?”  like a suggestion of something to think about.

Books: Stuart Woods “Bel-Air Dead”

April 2, 2013

Stuart Woods writes in a style that makes it difficult to put down the book, but when you do have to give in the next time you pick it up there is no effort in knowing exactly where you left the plot.  Each chapter flows so quickly from one another that he manages to keep the plot moving in chapters that are only five or six pages long.

bookThis time the plot sees Stone Barrington helping out old flame Arrington with a stock problem as someone tries to take over Centurion Studios.  Thus the story is set in Bel-Air rather than New York.  All of the usual trappings of a Stone Barrington novel are there with women, money, parties, the odd bit of law practiced, killings and explosions.  Also, some old story lines are revisited such as the relationship between Arrington and Stone, their son, her late-husband’s film career, etc.

Again, a very enjoyable if not particularly memorable, page turner from Stuart Woods.