Books: Stuart Woods “Lucid Intervals”

March 25, 2013

You can always rely on Stuart Woods for a quick easy read.  I started Lucid Intervals thinking that it wouldn’t be too great since I had recently read the next book in series which refers to this plot a fair amount, but it really didn’t matter.


In this plot British intelligence officer Felicity Devonshire returns as does Herbie Fisher, both pushing Stone to his limits but in very different ways.  At its core the plot has Stone trying to identify an ex MI6 agent who may or may not now be the owner of a Secuirty firm.  On his way, Stone’s life is under threat several times.  Meanwhile the bumbling Herbie Fisher has won the lottery but isn’t very good at handling such money…  against his better judgment and because of a heavy retainer Stone helps Herbie out.

Along the way in this story Stone learns how to fly a jet…

Another great little book from Stuart Woods.