books: Stuart MacBride “Dark Blood”

I discovered Stuart MacBride back in 2010, read his first five novels and haven’t gone back to him since then.  This is his sixth book in the series involving the character Logan McRae.  DS McRae is still in Aberdeen and under the constant abuse of DI Steel and incompetence of DI Beattie.  The foul language takes some getting used to or you just have to overlook it, and I did find this novel a lot more difficult to get into.  For more or less the first half of the book McRae is in a bad mood and seems just to be going through the motions.  I would have expected to get some insight into McRae’s thinking but the author doesn’t give us anything like that.  However, as the plot progresses things start to fit into place, sometimes by design but often things just seem to happen.

bookIn this book more than the previous ones, the actual plot hardly matters in comparison to McRae’s battle to simply get through each day moving the various investigations on little by little while trying to avoid the wrath of ID Steel and the Powerpoint of DI Beattie.   A good book provided you don’t mind the language, the grim details of crime and a view of police procedure that is more keystone cops than a highly professional organisation.

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