Books: Stuart Woods “Strategic Movies”

Another nice, page turner from Stuart Woods.  However, I seem to have missed one since the start of this one ran on from something I haven’t read about but it didn’t seem to matter too much.

bookStone starts this adventure by inheriting a new jet airplane and a million dollar bonus, and a new position with a security firm.  The story then takes him on a trip to Iraq a forced rendition for Lance Cabot (a long standing extra character) and a very short relationship with a client’s aunt – who now come to think of it was murdered in this book and I don’t think it was ever resolved.

As I’ve mentioned so many times – mainly because it is very hard to pick anything out of these books worthy of review – the Stone Barrington books are very simple page turners that you can not really guess or work out where it is going or what will happen next but you still want to keep reading.  I enjoyed this…!

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