gig: The Idiot Bastard Band

a great night in the Fruitmarket with The Idiot Bastard Band… Neil Innes, Ade Edmondson, Phill Jupitus and Rowland Rivron.  OK, admit it you probably haven’t heard of them but you might have heard of some of the members.

The best way to describe it is four talented musicians who are better known for their comedy and who have either found or written comedy songs they enjoy then go on a tour to enjoy themselves and share the fun with the audience.  There is a feeling wanting to have a good time on stage and share that with the audience.

Slick and show-biz they are not, relaxed and fun they certainly are.  There’s a lot of counting in or ‘do I start this one’ but that all adds to the chat and banter – I kind of hope they don’t get slick.

‘S Early in the Morning – Idiot Bastard Band

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