Book: Lee Child “A Wanted Man”

I would never get tired of reading about ex-military investigator Jack Reacher as he wanders around the landscape of America.   In this, the 17th Lee Child book featuring this character, Jack is simply trying to hitch a lift by the side of the road – a task that isn’t helped by his massive physical stature and a freshly broken nose.  He does manage to get a lift, after some time figures out that all is not well with the three other occupants of this car.

Meanwhile we hear about a murder, the initial moves to investigate and the roadblocks set up to catch the suspects.  Roadblocks that are looking for a specific number of people in a car, a number of people that of course can be changed by picking up a hitchhiker.  It has to be said that the pace or number of twists in this book isn’t as much as in previous books.  I wouldn’t say it is the best Jack Reacher story, but I don’t agree with some of the negative reviews about just how bad it is.

There isn’t as much action as I would like and even the final attack on the bad guys just doesn’t seem as well constructed as Lee Child can do.  I also thought it interesting that Child didn’t hold back on details of Jack Reacher’s stature (traditionally in the books a hulk of a man) given that the first movie outing for this character to be released next month will see Tom Cruse controversially playing Jack Reacher.

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