book: Suzanne Collins “Mockingjay”

This is the 3rd in Hunger Games trilogy (my reviews of The Hunger Games & Catching Fire if you are interested).  Continuing the story of survival and rebellion against the Capitol this book follows straight on from book 2 when Katniss Everdeen escapes from the Hunger Games.  But escaped to what?

There are (at least) two themes running through these books, the struggle of Katniss against President Snow and the continuing choice between Gale, her childhood companion or Peeta, who accompanied her to the Hunger Games twice.  Will she survive against Snows plans and plots will she have a happy ending with either Gale or Peeta and will the districts rise against the Capital.

I have to say that I actually found how this was all resolved much more interesting than I expected.  There is, I think, even more inner monologe and angst going on in this book than in the previous ones which was already annoying because I got the feeling the author was often going over the same thoughts and feelings as if to remind the reader what was going on rather than just moving the plot along.

That aside, the realisation by Katniss that she was being used and manipulated by the rebellion just as much as she was in the Hunger Games was interesting, as well as how the final attack on the Capital came about and resolved itself.  I didn’t think the final rounding up and epeloge was great but at least all the loose ends were tied up.

All in, I think this was a good trilogy with the first book being by far the best but the other two necessary to resolve everything.  While I’m sure there could be more written with this ‘world’ as a backdrop, I kind of hope it isn’t.


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