book: Richard Foss “Rum A Global History”

August 25, 2012

“Rum A Global History” was a lovely gift, but I have to admit even I, as a fan of Rum, wasn’t sure that reading about it would be very interesting.  I was wrong.

The book is written by an enthusiast and that’s really what keeps it interesting.  Covering the origins of sugar cane production in the Caribbean and the creation of Rum from various byproducts of that production process…

“The first unequivocal mention of alcohol distilled from sugar in the New World was in 1648”

…how Rum was carried as a form of currency by merchants, the origin of the Naval traditional Tot of Rum.  Also, Rum’s involvement in the American War for Independence, how Rum survived the prohibition era in the US, and so on….
If you’re not a fan or Rum, I’m not sure why you would read this book but I certainly enjoyed it and will probably go back to it now and again.