book: Dan Brown “The Lost Symbol”

July 9, 2012

The Lost Symbol, was the long awaited follow up to Dan Brown‘s mega selling “Da Vinci Code“. It was also a big selling book because people just grabbed it as soon as it was released, but it wasn’t as well received. Dan Brown is a strange phenomenon because when The Da Vinci Code first came out everyone was reading it and raving about it, then his writing style started to get ridiculed and it seemed like people who had liked him suddenly noticed that his writing was, well kind of crap, and wouldn’t admit to reading it.

I think Browns ‘genius’ is in writing stories that are so fast paced and exciting that you don’t have time to notice the worst part of the writing style. What does wind me up about Dan Brown’s writing style is when he doesn’t tell us stuff once the protagonists work it out. It is like those annoying pauses some TV programmed put in to try to build the tension… e.g. “He opened the door and suddenly everything made sense. She saw it too, “Now it all makes sense” she said “Yes it does” He replied and they both wonder off to the next chapter together without letting us in on the revelation. It is just manipulative and annoying!

OK, so now that’s out of the way, and given that this is a Dan Brown book I really enjoyed it! This story is set in Washington, DC with Robert Langdon returning as the worlds only symbologist mystery solver. Langdon has to solve many clues to an ancient Masonic mystery in order to save his friend, no the nation, no the entire civilized world and all history since the beginning of man.

So, if you can handle the dodgy writing style and wand a fast paced thriller that doesn’t require too much actual thought then this is worth a read.