gig: Bill Bailey at Dunoon’s Queens Hall

Monday 21 was a beautiful evening and just the right time to be heading down to Gourock to catch the ferry to Dunoon to see a Bill Bailey gig.  Bill Bailey is one of the stand up comics I’ve seen on TV who I have always wanted to see live.  A few weeks ago I spotted that he was touring some small towns and grabbed some tickets for the Queens Hall.

Although I grew up in Gourock and have family in Dunoon I’ve never been in the Queens Hall and certainly never expected to see one of the UKs top comics here.  In part it is that expectation and the building anticipation which made this night so good.  At first all Bill Bailey had to do was walk up and down the stage making the odd comment about the general (run down) look of the theater and a quick impression of the ferry to have everyone in stitches.

After a little while Bill did break into some more substantial material and it was all really great.  The problem I am finding though (and this is why I am posting this more than a week after the gig) is that you really need to have been there.  So you will just need to trust me – Bill Bailey is fantastic, very funny, clean humour and worth catching.

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