book: Suzanne Collins “The Hunger Games”

April 22, 2012

I don’t really get how this is a ‘young adult’ novel as it is full of what I would think of as adult themes, but I found it a really good read.  The main protagonist is a sixteen year old girl and the novel is ‘set in a  post-apocalyptic North America’, two things that could put people off, but I would urge you to give this book a go.

ImageHowever, you really can’t get away from the fact that at its core the story revolves around twenty-four girls and boys aged between 12 to 17 thrown into a game where they have to kill or be killed with only one survivor able to ‘win’.  So, our story follows the 16 year old Katniss into these Hunger Games and how she might survive.  

Now, the cynical among you will assume that because it is written from Katniss point of view obviously she must survive, so where’s the element of surprise there?  Well. there are a great deal of twists and turns in whether she indeed will survive and even if she does what kind of person will it make her?

I found it a captivating read (after the initial few chapters that were a bit laboured), and can’t wait to read the other two in the trilogy.