book: Jack Higgins “The Valhalla Exchange”

The Valhalla Exchange” is an intriguing story set in the dying days of World War Two.  Berlin is gradually being captured by the Russians in his concrete bunker Hitler is loosing his mind and communications are crumbling.  But one man, Reichsleiter Martin Bormann, Adolf Hitler’s secretary has a plan to use some important prisoners in his own daring plan to escape.

At least that’s what I think this was about.  The problem was that I read this book off and on between various other ones and have more or less lost track of the main reason why Bormann was trying to get to the prisoners and not just flee when he could.  I’m also not sure about a certain twist of whether this is Bormann or a double which makes it even harder to make sense.  However, I do think this is more my fault for the fractured reading pattern of this book rather than any fault of the author.  I’ve read a number of Jack Higgins books both set in WWII and post war action books and they have never failed to engage and entertain, till this one which I am just glad I finished and have no idea of what it was about.

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  1. Nikolai says:

    Karl Ritter is SS

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