dvd: The Adjustment Bureau

I hadn’t heard much about The Adjustment Bureau when it came out, but picked up the DVD for around £5 so gave it a go.  It is a story of a politician who meets a ballerina by ‘chance‘.  This one meeting inspires him to make a speech that changes the course of his political career, or at least will in the long run.  That was the plan.  However, three years later he ‘accidentally‘ bumps into her again.  They fall in love, but that’s not in the plan.

This is when we meet The Adjustment Bureau, who put small changes and alterations in our lives to make sure things don’t deviate from ‘the plan‘, which is written by ‘the chairman’.  So a spilled coffee, missed bus, etc. can alter the course of your life.  Which raises the question of who is the chairman, does this refer to God, are the Burea angels, do these adjustments remove ‘free will‘.  It is in fact a story of the spiritual search for ultimate meaning, and course for your life.

Do we choose our own path through life or are we predestined to a set path from which no alteration can be made.  What if we do make that step off the path, can it be corrected and put right again?

We both enjoyed this movie very much, it was thought provoking, exciting and engaging.  Another good sign is that at the end I thought it had been a good action adventure with a bit of a love story and D turned and said “that was a chick flick”  – so everyone wins :-)


[the DVD prefix is a new idea for blogging since I’m going to the cinema less but still like to remember my reviews of movies,  I don’t plan to write up every movie I watch at home as that would simply take too long, but we shall see.]

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