book: David Baldacci “The Simple Truth”

In The Simple Truth – something happened 25 years ago that left Rufus Harms rotting in a military prison. He accepted his fate thinking of himself as guilty until he receives a letter from the army that remind him of something that happened that night – and he knows that he has been wrongfully imprisoned.

He smuggles a letter to his solicitor asking him to lodge an appeal with the US Supreme Court.  Mike Fiske, a clerk at the Supreme court investigates and is killed, Rufus Harms escapes, his lawyer is killed, another clerk is killed…  John Fiske (an ex-cop lawyer and estranged brother to the first victim) starts to investigate further and eventually uncover the full story.

I struggled at first with this book as so many different stories were spun out and it took a while to draw them together.  However, the characters are well written and believable and once the plot gets going there are plenty of twists, and suspense.  The book also has a lot of insights into how the Supreme Court works – or at least I assume it is accurate, so it was interesting.

I don’t think it would be possible to guess ahead of time what the final twist was that put Rufus Harms in prison, but that doesn’t really take away from the interest of the plot.  A good read.

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