Books: Ava McCarthy “The Insider”

November 6, 2011

I have no recollection of buying or borrowing this book, so if you gave it to me thanks it was great!  and if you want it back just let me know.  It is, of course, a thriller and turns out to be the first novel from Ava McCarthy.

The main heroine is Henrietta ‘Harry’ Martinez, an Irish computer security expert or hacker.  Her father is Spanish, just to explain an Irish girl with the name Martinez, and we first meet her using social engineering to bluff her way into a bank and hack into their network.  As the story unfolds we find out that she works for a security firm and has been hired to test the banks security system (has anyone seen Sneakers – one of my favorite movies).

Harry gets dragged into a situation involving her father, who is currently in prison for an Insider Dealing fraud.  Some of those involved in the trading that put him in prison are looking for the money that went missing as the police moved in and think Harry has it or can get it.  After pushing her in front of a train as a little persuasion she starts on the trail to find the missing money.  Mixed in with this thriller is gambling, hacking, travel, banking, etc….   An excellent first novel and a good old read!