book: David Baldacci “Last Man Standing”

I enjoyed “Absolute Power” enough to move straight onto another book by David Baldacci, “Last Man Standing”.  Like the last book this story has a fantastic setup which immediately starts you asking questions of how it will be resolved but then in the middle gets a bit of a slog with too many characters and diverging story lines.  However that said I did enjoy the read.

It opens with our main character Web London (cool name) who is the point man of the elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team.  The team are moving down an alley towards a drug dealer’s lair, when Web freezes on the command to move in, the rest of his team carry on and are met by a high-tech, custom-designed ambush.  The entire team are wiped out apart from Web.

So what happened, he has never frozen before in the line of duty.  His colleagues start to doubt him, was he in on the ambush or has he just lost it?  Web is on his own, the last man standing from Charlie Team, how can he find out what happened and how will it resolve.

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