book: Lawrence Block “Time to Murder and Create”

August 19, 2011

Many of my best book adventures have started in Biblocafe, a coffee shop and second hand book swap-shop across the street from my flat.  This was by no means one of them.

I picked up “Time to Murder and Create” for the simple reason that I had 10 minutes to kill and this was a fairly thin book.  The opening few chapters were promising with our hero Matt Scudder, being left a request by a dead man to find out who murdered him.  It is an interesting set up where Spinner, now dead, was blackmailing three people and Scudder has to find out which one was pushed too far and turned to murder.

However, after that I found it kind of dragged along with the problem lots of noir-esk novels have of summarising what is going on every few pages just in case we have lost track.  I wouldn’t say this was a bad read, it had its merits one of which was being short.  I’m not going to go out of my way to find another Lawrence Block book for a while though.

I also notice that I haven’t managed to actually finish a book in ages.  I have had a run of mediocre books that haven’t really grabbed me and have fallen into the habit of having several books ‘on the go’ at one time now so it was good to get all the way through this one at lease.