Summer Holiday 2011

I don’t ‘do’ Holidays in general.  I tend not to be good at taking myself off somewhere just for the sake of it but will go away to do things not just to relax and do nothing.  But I’m married now and married to someone who has the exact opposite view of holidays – looking ahead in the calendar to place the holidays first and then work everything else around these.  So we haven’t really worked out yet exactly how to make this work yet – of course we did manage to go to Barbados on Honeymoon this year but that’s different.

So it was due to a desire to visit D’s brother who lives in Coventry that we decided to stretch this into a longer break and spoil ourselves.  The plan was to go straight from Glasgow to Coventry for a couple of days then we booked four nights in a “Spa Hotel” in Yorkshire (going to avoid naming it for reasons that will become obvious).  We had no great wish to go to Yorkshire or reason to avoid Yorkshire but decided that because we had a deal with this chain of hotels and that one was half way home – why not Yorkshire!

We had a nice time in Coventry – saw the Cathedral and the Godiva Festival Parade and the weather was great.  Then headed to our Spa Hotel north of Leeds.  When we were booking we found that rather than a straight 4 night we could get a ‘walking holiday’ that was £30 cheaper and included packed lunch for the same 4 nights – so we were walkers!

In the end (details later if I can be bothered) our stay was fantastic! We had a spacious suite, fantastic food, great weather and as well as nice walks in the countryside, local towns and villages we had lots of use of the pool, hot tubs, steam room and sauna…. did I mention the food was fantastic.

After a couple of days we decided to stretch our break by taking another couple of nights in Windermere and booked into the Willowsmere B&B – we could highly recommend it!  We went for a cruise to Ambleside for the day, it was good weather for most of the day.  Then finally today spent some more time driving around the Lake District delaying the trip north in order to meet up with D’s other brother and family on their way back from Holiday.  This was fun as their kids had no idea we were arranging a rendezvous so were able to surprise them.

Among the highlights of a week in England for me was having time to unwind with my wife (sorry falling into all the ‘smug married’ traps, but can’t avoid it), relaxing in pool/hot tub/steam rooms, the weather, and listening to the audio book of Deathly Hallows at every opportunity.

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