books: Jonathan Kellerman “The Conspiracy Club”

This is the first book I have read by J Kellerman, and got it because it was recommended by Amazon and looked good.  It was an ok read, but there was a lot of irrelevant mush to get through in order to get to the plot.

The plot, when you do get to it, was a bit crazy and mixed up.  We follow Psychologist Jeremy Carrier’s life six months on from the brutal murder of his girlfriend.  He meets Dr Chess, who gradually asks him his opinion of the origins of evil and how some people seem predestined to kill.  Dr Chess invites Jeremy to an exclusive group who meet for dinner and discussion then appears to be sending him clues to  a new series of murders that may or may not be connected to that of his girlfriend.

The book is ok but the plot doesn’t leave much for the reader to think about.  This isn’t a who-done-it in the sense of leaving clues for the reader who has a chance figuring out what is going on about.  However, given that the plot is ok and I certainly didn’t see what was going on till near the end of the story.

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