book: Stuart Woods “Iron Orchid”

“Iron Orchid” by Stuart Woods.  yes another page turning thriller novel, yes another one by Stuart Woods which is tricky to get in the uk, yes another one in a series about Holly Barker the chief of police in Orchid Beach…  and yes I enjoyed it.

I first read the Stone Barrington series of novels by this author and somewhere along the line he met and worked with Holly Barker.  Since then I started these ones about Holly with Stone occasionally appearing – I’ve never looked at the order they were written to figure out what is going on exactly.

In this story Holly resigns from her police position when she is recruited by the CIA and goes into basic training at the Farm.  Meanwhile, an ex-CIA expert, Teddy Fay, who is now turned terrorist is making his way to New York to target the UN.  Teddy seems to want to do the jobs he feels the CIA and FBI should be doing by executing suspected terrorists and spys.  Holly’s brand new team are taken off their training and brought to new york to be the team on the ground looking for Teddy.

OK, so if you are looking for realistic plot line this isn’t the novel for you, but for simple page turning thriller it is a good wee book.

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