book: Stuart Woods “Blood Orchid”

“Blood Orchid” by Stuart Woods is another in the Orchid Beach series. Chief of Police Holly Barker returns in her third suspenseful adventure-along with her father Ham and Daisy the Doberman.

Holly and Ham meet Ed Shine, a property developer who has recently moved to Orchid Beach.  When they visit his home a sniper fires a shot that almost kills him. When the two other developers bidding on a property are assassinated by a sniper on the same day, Holly immediately connects the dots and sees a link between these shootings.

She contacts the FBI and an agent tells her that he is sending an undercover operative into the area on a completely separate assignment. The agent and Holly hit it off giving the main romantic content to this story.

Again with Stuart Woods you get a straight forward, page turning, police procedural, thriller.

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