I got Married

I know I know it’s been three weeks already since I married the wonderful D’  and apart from a brief mention asking people for copies of their wedding photos I’ve not got around to any blogging.  Is this a sign of things to come?  Most people I know who were keeping straight forward ‘this is what I’ve been doing’ blogs a few years have stopped a long time ago.  In the past year or so I have deliberately backed off ‘my general thoughts’ type posts and mostly just posted about books, movies, restaurants, gigs, etc. However, now that I am a married man I can’t let that little incident go by without mentioning it.

Our wedding took place in St Silas church on Sat 12th Feb. It had been raining most of the day before (and the day after it turned out) and on the morning it was a bit showery.  But as D’ was arriving at the church and when we left the sun was out and we were able to take some photos outside.  Then we had some refreshments at the church (thanks to the Brett family), eventually moved down to the Crowne Plaza and took some more photos by the Clyde (saw a seal in the river), had a meal, some speeches, toasts, the first dance, some more dances, and some fun. Like everyone says it does all pass very quickly but it was a blast!

We then went on honeymoon to the beautiful island of Barbados, staying at a small all-inclusive, adult only resort.  It was simply fantastic.  An interesting place to visit but ultimately simply relaxing, it was hot, the ocean was refreshing – snorkeling with tropical fish and wild turtles – the food was awesome and the Bajan rum is the best!

I would like to blog about every meal we had, or about the beach and sunsets, the journey not to mention all our memories of the wedding day itself.  But I just don’t think I will get enough time to get any of that done, so don’t hold your breath.

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