Gift Lists are odd…

Doing a ‘gift list‘ is a very strange experience.  Before gift lists people just choose what to get you for a wedding present and you ended up with 4 toasters and lots of towels.  Now it is possible to have a ‘list’ letting people know what you are interested in, what styles of crockery, cutlery, etc. you like.  This should make it easier for guests who want to get gifts to do so – in fact it takes out almost all the hassle.

However, to do this we had to spend two days going around John Lewis (other stores are also available) with a scanner to make up a list of things you ‘want’.  It is hard to keep fighting the feeling of guilt for asking for stuff and remember that people want to get you stuff and you are helping them do so – I hope.

So now the list is live, the web site updated and we can move on to the other things on the to-do list.  In fact we just re-did the to-do list and I’m stalling trying to avoid doing anything new.

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