2010 – how did I get on?

At the start of this year I wrote a blog post simply called “2010” which was more or less some of the things I hoped to do and achieve this year.  So time to see how I got on, I said:

I would like to go to more movies!
well, I’ve been to 13 this/last year, which is more than double 2009 so that’s a win!  I doubt very much I will be able to keep up that number simply because I was given a GFT membership last year for Christmas and went to a number of movies there on my own which I can’t see happening this year, but not to worry I achieved it this year.

I would like to see more live music.
In 2009 I went to 4 gigs, while in 2010 I managed 6 music gigs plus a couple of trips to the theater and other events.  These were all great (well I didn’t think much of Snow Patrol, but lets not get into that).  I would really like to continue this somehow.

Be able to play Bass with some confidence.
Well this just hasn’t happened.  At the turn of last year I had just started messing around with the Bass and I was doing OK, but then I started dating, time pressure squeezed out any thoughts of practice and then finally I decided to totally shelf this for the time being rather than feeling guilty about it.  So for now this is off the agenda but you never know…

Do more VJing.
I had a couple of great opportunities to VJ this year and we have certainly dialed in the setup we use to something which almost always doesn’t completely fail.  I haven’t done much development of new footage and material which might be a good thing to focus on next year?

Use Time better
This was the most interesting one for me to look back on because I said things like “see more of my Sister”, “visit family in Lewis” and “proper holiday”….  I think I have managed this and all thanks to my wonderful ex-girlfriend, current fiancee and soon to be ‘other-half’ who is very good at making me get off my backside and do things with friends and family.

So, I don’t think I’ve done too bad with the things that I hoped and planned for at the start of this year. There were of course a number of things I had no idea would happen at that point which shaped the year just gone…  what will 2011 bring?

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