movie: The Social Network

November 11, 2010

It has been out for a while so I’ll keep it brief.  The Social Network is the story two friends Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin who meet at University and when Mark gets the idea for a social network Eduardo helps him fund the project.  There is a slight complication that some other people may have given Mark the idea, and there is some disagreement with which direction to take the project which eventually leads to Eduardo being locked out of the company which by then is worth multi-millions of dollars.

It all ends in court battles and the story unfolds in flashback sequences from two litigation depositions (I think that is the right terminology).  So we see at the same time the friendships and relationships as they are formed, while at the same time know that they are broken to the point of friends taking each other to court.

That the social network in question is now familiar to everyone in the audience doesn’t matter as there are only passing references to it throughout the film.  This is a story of relationships – real life social networking or the lack thereof.

To keep a story which is all about the characters moving along at a good pace takes some outstanding writing which this movie gets from Aaron Sorkin writer of the West Wing and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – by the way if I’ve lent my DVDs of Studio 60 to anyone who is reading can I get it back?

Books: Stuart Woods “Kisser”

November 8, 2010

I’ve read most, but not all, of the Stuart Woods books with the Stone Barrington character and “Kisser” is the latest paperback to feature him.  I find these books extremely easy to read, quick page-turners that throw you into a plot and keep running at pace with no slack.  They aren’t too complicated, everything is presented to you, not too much mystery or suspense – just a plot and characters interesting enough to keep you engaged and a writing style that ends each short chapter pulling the reader into the next sentence, therefore paragraph and why not just one more chapter…

In this story Stone deals with two cases – firstly a new actress in town asks for some advice which leads to an affair with Stone and requiring protection against a stalking ex-husband.  Meanwhile, Stone is given a case involving an heiress who is involved with  an artist who may be a conman.

These two cases never really overlap other than in Stone’s personal life. The usual surrounding characters all appear which adds interest for the reader who is familiar with the previous novels, and any female character that appears has to jump into bed with Stone – so really a fairly standard Stuart Woods novel.  I enjoyed it.