movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Tonight we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (commonly known as HP7a).  I’m not going to give anything away about the plot or interpretation of the book, just say I thought it was a great movie and really up to the standard of the rest of the series.  It isn’t particularly a stand alone movie though, you really have to have seen at least the previous two in order to have a clue what is going on and who people are.

So, really good to have another Harry Potter movie, shame we have to wait till July to get the final part!

However, since I’m not going to give anything away and I’m writing now anyway… might as well have a rant about multiplexes (in this case Cineworld Renfrew Street).  I hate multiplexes – they wind me up, yet I’m glad we have them!

Multiplex cinema’s seem to have an irresistible attraction to selfish, immature idiots who fail to understand that other human beings have paid to watch a movie. The multiplex has of course cashed in on this attraction to idiots by selling preposterous sized portions of the most unsuitable food and drink for actually watching a movie.

However, back to the idiots.  HP7a on a Saturday evening unsurprisingly attracts a large proportion of adolescent idiots.  This was obvious by the rolling giggling laugh that a line in the film where Ron said to Harry something about his “10 inch wand” !

Why does the Multiplex not have staff on duty actually in each screen to deal with people talking, shining mobile phone screens or messing around distracting their customers?  Of course ‘policing’ shouldn’t be required if people generally had any concern for those around them.

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